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MusucBag in the Press

7 March 2014 – Mammoth Steppe Rally Team (United Kingdom)

It's not every day you say "why has it taken us 25 years to get these?" But that's exactly what we said when our MusucBags arrived. What a great product - the original sleeping bags with arms and legs! We've kindly been sent 'classic black' and 'chilli pepper' colours and have not taken them off all day!! Have a look at the full range at and you won't be disappointed! Thanks again to the people at MusucBag.


19 December 2013 – Plastiques Caoutchoucs (France)


Le designer chilien Rodrigo Alonso propose un sac de couchage baptisé Musuc Bag. Très original, il a intégré le fait de pouvoir sortir bras et jambes de la couette, qui se transforme ainsi en combinaison. Une belle invention pour les personnes frileuses qui ne veulent pas sortir de leur lit douillet et affronter le froid hivernal. Très facile à enfiler grâce à la fermeture éclair accessible depuis l'intérieur ou l'extérieur au niveau des mains et particulièrement léger (à peine 2 kg selon le modèle), il est fabriqué en polyester avec des semelles antidérapantes.


30 October 2013 – FHM (United Kingdom)

An apocalyptic winter is on the way. Stay ahead of Mother Nature with this essential kit

Suit up and switch off the boiler and avoid the price hikes. This hybrid sleeping bag made from reinforced rip-stop has grippy feet, a 3D hood, hand holes and ventilation slits, and costs precisely £644 less than the average UK gas bill. No. Brainer.


1 October 2013 – The Student Guide (United Kingdom)

Freshers' Essentials

Always wanted to pretend you're a Teletubby? Introducing the MusucBag – the sleeping bag you can wear. Made from nylon with a micro-fibre bonded filling, this poofy suit can withstand temperatures as low as -13 Degrees Celsius! So whether you're out camping or just want to save money on your heating bills, the MusucBag is sure to keep you warm and cosy.


2 September 2013 – Channel 4 Gadget Man (United Kingdom)

The Great Outdoors

Richard Ayoade immerses himself in the world of gadgetry, trying out all the products and prototypes he can lay his hands on: gadgets from the future, gadgets from the past and sweet little gizmos that people can buy today - and that will change the way they live their lives tomorrow.

He sets off on his venture in the company of some fellow gadget lovers, including Stephen Mangan, Jimmy Carr, John Humphrys and Noel Fielding.

And, as well as introducing viewers to some of the world's most sought after gadgets, Richard also invents a series of problem-solving contraptions of his own.


1 September 2013 – Red Bulletin (Switzerland)


Der Schlafsack mit Armen und Beinen setzt hinsichtlich Passform und Bewegungskomfort bei Schlafsäcken neue Maßstäbe. Die 4. Generation des Classic ist mit einer Reihe an neuen Features ausgestattet: Kapuze, Belüftungszipper, Hüftgürtel, Anti-Rutsch Sole, um nur einige zu nennen. Der SekBag Lite ist die reduziertere wie auch leichtere Variante - für laue Sommernächte am Lagerfeuer oder auf dem Festival genau der richtige Begleiter. Beide Modelle sind im ausgewählten Handel und im Webshop erhältlich.


1 August 2013 – Endeavour (United Kingdom)

August Gadgets

With the massive fad recently of lonesies' mixed with the fact I was going to be spending four nights camping in Scotland I thought it would be a great idea to tryout the MusucBag Classic. MusucBag is a revolutionary sleeping bag system which allows maximum mobility (perfect while fleeing from the Scottish) whilst keeping warm. Its lining is made from soft touch nylon with a polyester hollow fibre bonded filling and can withstand temperatures as low as -13 Degrees Celcius. The storage in the item deserves a mention, I hate spending hours packing away sleeping bags the process is so tedious, however the stuff bag that comes with the product is great and takes less than a minute to have it packed away. Sitting outside my tent the MusucBag turned a lot of heads and I had a lot of people asking about so there is a lot of interest there.


5 July 2013 – Daily Mail (United Kingdom)

The sleeping bag you can wear...

This sleeping bag is like a giant ski suit, with arms and legs so you can move around, inside and out, without getting cold or resorting to that ‘sack race’ shuffle necessary in a conventional sleeping bag.

While it makes you look like a Teletubby, this suit is, quite simply, a genius idea.

Not only is it super snuggly — like wearing a giant duvet — but it means you can sleep in any position you like without that straitjacket feeling from a sleeping bag.

I don’t know why no one thought of this before.

Posing potential: 5/5. The reinforced feet mean you can even wear it outside while your fellow campers shiver enviously.

Practicality: 5/5. Washable and warm, it will transform your camping experience. You could even wear it at home to save on heating bills.


1 July 2013 – Technology Review (Germany)

Schlafsack bekommt Beine

Ist es ein besonders dicker Skianzug oder eine Astronautenverkleidung? Weder noch. Der MusucBag ist ein Schlafsack-Overall — mit Armen, Beinen und rutschfesten Fußsohlen. Wozu das gut sein soli, zeigt ein Video auf der Herstellerseite: Offensichtlich läst es sich im MusucBag hervorragend über Sanddünen kullern oder Felsspalten durchqueren. Die naheliegendere Nutzung besteht wahl darin, dass sich kälteempfindliche Camper zum Kartenspielen oder Feuerholz auflegen nicht mehr aus ihrem Schlafsack schalen mussen. Allzu kälteempfindlich sollten sie allerdings dann doch nicht sein: Der Hersteller gibt den Komfortbereich mit lediglich 9 Grad Celsius an.


13 June 2013 – Heldth (Germany)

Schlafsäcke sind normalerweise nichts für Menschen mit nächtlichem Bewegungsdrang. Wenn man das Outdoor-Abenteuer allerdings in einem gemütlichen MusucBag verbringt sieht das ganz anders aus. Egal ob man unter freiem Himmel schläft, es sich im Zelt gemütlich macht, kühle Abende auf dem Balkon genießen möchte oder einfach auf dem Sofa rumliegt, die ungewöhnliche Form macht diesen Schlafsack immer zur perfekten Lösung. Für unterschiedliche Ansprüche gibt es passende Modelle.


1 June 2013 – Zeit Wissen (Germany)

Mumie trifft Astronaut

Immer das Gleiche: Kaum hat man sich in den Schlafsack gezwangt, flihlt man sich wie eine Raupe im Kokon. Der grofSe Zeh kribbelt? Vergessen Sie es! Kuscheln? Keine Chance! Bewegungsfreiheit geht anders. Zum Beispiel mit diesem AstronautenSchlafanzug. Mit dem kann man sogar tanzen, selbst bei Temperaturen bis zu minus neun Grad.


15 May 2013 – Latu ja Polku (Finland)

UNISSAKÄVELIJÖILLE? Musucbag on makuupussin ja haalarin hybridi. Lämpötalouden kannalta raajojen lokeroiminen ei tietenkään ole paras mahdollinen ratkaisu, mutta mukavuuden ja monikäyttöisyyden vuoksi aihepiiri kutkuttelee suunnittelijoita ja nousee aika-ajoin kaupalliseksi tuotteeksi asti. Tässä makuupussissa tila ei ole levottomankaan nukkujan esteenä. Mukavuuslämpötila +4 ºC.


1 April 2013 – KLM Magazine (Germany)

Gadgets: cool & kuschelig MusucBag

In klassischen Schlafsäcken ist die Bewegungsfreiheit eingeschränkt, oder ultraleichte MusucBag des chilenischen Designers Rodrigo Alonso Schramm hingegen ist richtig befreiend. Er hat etwas von einem riesigen Skianzug: die Form eines Körpers, sehr gut wärmend und äusserst benutzerfreundlich. Mit Doppel-Reißverschluss, Löchern für die Hände und verschließbaren Lüftungsöffnungen für eine perfekte Temperaturregulierung.


22 March 2013 – Pro7 Taff (Germany)


20 March 2013 – Вечерний Ургант (Russia)

"Я живу!" с Антоном Комоловым

Что делать, чтобы лучше высыпаться?


24 February 2013 – The Only Way Is Essex (United Kingdom)


29 January 2013 – Guestlist (United Kingdom)

MusucBag-The Seasons Must Have Accessory!

Everyone’s got a sleeping bag yet no one cares about it, am I right? Of course I am, a sleeping bag’s a sleeping bag, it’s a boring, occasionally needed item that you pull out of the cupboard every once in a while to shove in the face of your poor guest that needs to kip on the floor. Now what if I told you I have a real treat for you, a sleeping bag that you can wear...

Yeah you heard me, wear! The MusucBag is the ultimate accessory for comfort and warmth and it also looks ridiculously damn cool. It’s an all in one body suit that means you never need to feel the cold again, and you don’t look like a pansy walking around in a onesie because this baby is all about practicality.

The MusucBag’s CLASSIC 4th Generation offers new and improved innovative design allowing users to separate, move and join arms and legs without restriction, and the general fit and mobility is perfect. Rodrigo Alonso, the Chilean designer behind this invention is continuously updating his product and now the new MusucBag LITE is here and he’s changing the game again. Due to reduced filling and features the new MusucBag LITE is lighter and perfectly suited for warmer conditions too. It is 30% lighter than its CLASSIC older brother but with exactly the same amount of comfort. There is literally no easier or stylish way to sleep, camp or chill on your next camping trip or visit to music festival.

Not only is sleeping in the MusucBag a pleasure: Sleepwalking, Dancing, Hugging- just wearing it is, and will bring a smile to you and your friends’ faces. Rodrigo is constantly working to improve the bag for your experience, the CLASSIC is now equipped with ribbons on waist and legs to tighten the bag for your utmost comfort and movement experience. The hand opening system has also been improved with Velcro enabling you to strap back the sleeves’ front part so that you have full mobility in your hands. Think you won’t be able to walk because you’ll be slipping all over the place? Think again. The durable non slip soles are sewed all around the feet to ensure protection from moisture and dirt. Now, colourwise you have options too. Maybe you like the classic black or blue but fancy standing out from the crowd then go for the lemon colour and you’ll have heads turning that I can assure you.

The MusucBag is available at and many other resellers all across Europe. I suggest you get yours now ahead of the trend before you're just another sheep because I just ordered mine!


21 January 2013 – Matthew Dutton Reviews (United Kingdom)

MusucBag, wearable sleeping bag system review.

Hi guys!

This is the product I have been the most excited to review. I have just took delivery of a MusucBag Classic, and the Kids version too.

The MusucBag gets its inspiration from the Selk'Nam Nomadic tribes people in Chile, where they would conceal there human form by painting their bodies and wearing masks to emulate the spirits they worshipped. They adapted themselves to hostile and extreme environments, subjecting their bodies to freezing temperatures and endure hunger and thirst. It is inspired by the exploration and freedom displayed by the tribes.

Now, the MusucBag, delivers a representation of these people by being able to adapt to most environments, by giving you freedom, and by giving you warmth in all the right places when it's cold outside.

The way the Classic is made is very clever. It uses 2 x 100 g/m² polyester taffeta double layer filling, the outer material is Ripstop Nylon 300T/40D, and the lining is Polyester Diamond 290T/50D, but it is all stitched around the shape of the human body, which in essence, delivers the best heat retaining strengths. For example, the heat given off from one your legs whilst inside the MusucBag, will mainly flow around that leg as the sleeping bag is stitched and zipped around that part of your body, which results in less escaping heat at the opening of your bag, whereas as a conventional bag has a higher potential of heat loss as your whole body is encased in just the one area. But if you do actually get too hot in the MusucBag, there are zipped mesh vents on the legs to allow your body heat to escape when you need it to.

The Kids version is made slightly differently, using a Polyester Taffeta 210T/70D outer which feels stronger to the touch, which aids durability because, as we all know, kids do like to rummage, and explore tiny places, so with that in mind the outer is very Kids focused. The inner material is made from Polyester Diamond 290T/50D, which is the same soft feel lining as in the Classic. The filling is also the same 2 × 100 g/m² 2 layer hollow fibre as in the Classic. If its warm enough for the adults, it needs to be warm enough for the kids too, and the Kids bag does just that.

My daughter ,although still alittle too small for the bag she had, wriggles about in the night a lot, so she is happy to have a larger sized bag to accommodate her need for space and movement.

We all know how annoying it can be when you feel restricted in your sleeping bag at night, when you can't fully move your arms or legs, but with this sleep system, you can! I can't stress enough how great it is to be able to move freely, and still be warm! To be honest I'd love to wear this most nights sitting in front of the television, but I'd probably never go to bed! Openings on the MusucBag allow for your hands to be out when you need them, and straps around the leg area so you can walk without stumbling over.

The soles of the bag are reinforced nylon to prevent wear and lateral grips give traction on multiple surfaces. They really are very tough and will withstand a walk across dry soft terrain such as grasslands, beaches, or grassy forest floors, although I wouldn't try it in the wet unless you don't mind damp feet?!

They come in various guises - The classic, the 2010 model, the lite, and the kids version. This MusucBag on review is the updated and revised version of the 2010 model, and the lite version is more a summer sleep system. I would definitely recommend one for the kids, as they wriggle around in the night more than anyone, so this would really aid a good nights sleep!

Make sure to choose the correct size following the instructions on the Manufacturers website according to model and your body height. It is important that the bag leaves enough room to feel comfortable inside whilst sleeping. It shouldn't be too tight a fit.

Pricing varies from £39 for the kids bags to £99 for the classic. Very good value for money considering its unique design and performance.

Overall this sleep/wear system is definitely a 10/10 for me, as it has all the features I would need when camping out in the forest, not to mention a very cool quirky look to it. It made my wife laugh when she seen it, but when she tried it on she absolutely loved it!

I would also like to add that the customer service from these guys was great. They were very helpful and knowledgeable, and the speedy delivery made it all the more an excellent experience with the MusucBag.


24 December 2012 – 8 Out of 10 Cats (United Kingdom)


10 December 2012 – Outdoorzona (Czech Republic)

MusucBag – spacák pro volný pohyb

Na českém trhu se objevil nový spací pytel s rukávy a nohavicemi, ze kterého se Vám nebude chtít vylézt - dává totiž uživateli do rukou silný nástroj, maximální volnost!

Určitě se Vám už stalo, že jste ráno chtěli vylézt ze stanu, jít si udělat snídani či si jen odskočit. Ale myšlenka na to, že budete muset opustit vyhřátý spacák Vás odradila. S MusucBagem platí jiná pravidla. Spacák máte po celou dobu na sobě, takže vás teplo neopustí.

Novinka pochází z jihoamerického Chile, kde ji stvořil designér Rodrigo Alonso Schramm, který stojí za studiem Müsuc lab-studio.

Volnost pohybu v Musucbagu zajišťuje rozdělení spacáku na více částí, kdy z klasické mumie, vznikl “skafandr” s místem pro nohy a ruce. Výrábí se v moderních pastelových barvách, se kterými budete nepřehlédnutelní!

A jaké jsou jeho vlastnosti?

  • vysoce kvalitní polyesterový materiál na vnější straně,
  • oboustranné zipy pro snadný přístup do spacáku,
  • teplá kapuce se zatepleným límcem,
  • nový systém pro rychlé vystrčení a zastrčení rukou,
  • zesílené nylonové podrážky, které umožnují pohyb na všech zemských površích,
  • po zabalení klasický skladný spacák.